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Beat the Beast

It takes more than just the typical ideology of spirit to recognize the capacity of your own spirit.

It takes having to search, maintain, nourish and actually, treat your own spirit to rely on its authentic essence.Otherwise, you'd be optimizing within your spirit that's housed with layers of unwanted, altered and low vibrational filters that doesn't serve you.

Our spirit houses the very core essence of who we are. It's why we have to constantly and consistently conduct inventory on our spirit and ensure it's clean, upbeat, vibrant, high vibrational make up is conducive to our sense of self and nourishing to our soul. It's quite unfortunate for us, when we've been heavily laced with the beast of traumas, trials, betrayals, pains and the like, as our spirit adjusts to the opposition and place itself within the constraints of its predecessors.

Those beasts haunt and affix itself to our spirit and it's like hell trying to detach them. If we aren't careful, we tend to find ourselves and our spirits' natural essence being meshed into a state of spiritual unconsciousness. It's not what we want nor what we need when we have our mindset on growth. It's why we have to not just tame but we have to beat the beast!

A few things about spirit and it's naturalistic essence; it hungers just like you hunger royalties! So, you have to feed it. The problem is, sometimes we don't know, don't care, have no idea, or just too lazy to do the work and ensure that what we're feeding the spirit is in alignment with our necessary growth.

I myself, had to face my spirit, its short comings and its stunted growth as I encountered the explosion of grief after losing my son. It was as if my spirit was growing in a whole new garden; being watered by the glue of grief, and nurtured in the soil of sadness. I had no life, I was giving up, and my spirit was leading the way; wearing every hat I offered and fed it. I knew deep in my heart something had to change. I was drained and though I thought the victim space was comfortable and safe, it wasn't. It was self-imprisonment and it became a world of contrast within in comparison to my authentic self. That was torture!


One day, I tried to affirm that I deserved more out of life than what I was allowing myself to get out of it. However, I didn't even believe what I was trying to affirm. How dare I? And sure enough, nothing came of it. Not until I realized that I truly didn't believe that I deserved more. That particular realization helped mentally catapult me into a bliss of self acknowledgment...immediately. It almost cut me in two, spiritually. Because I knew that way of thinking would only throw away the key to the imprisonment I had already created for myself. I knew within, I'd have to beat the beast.

My affirmations began daily with the revelations that I trusted who I was; my authentic broken, torn, talented, and unique self right along with all my childhood traumas, my struggles, my shortcomings, my flaws and hangups and my loss. Those simple affirmations turned into affirmations of belief.

I believed me; I deserved more, and my surviving children deserved more of me.

After months of consistent affirmations, meditation, prayer, mindset manipulation, self development through courses, classes and communication with close loved ones were all my keys to beat the beast and I did. I began to notice my spirit picking up a better sense of keen discernment, growth in a positive direction, and its surreal connection to nature and the very core of my soul. It was a beautiful yet subtle transformation.

We have to, Royals, we just have to beat the beast. The beast isn't serving us. Yet, actually, in another light and perspective, it IS serving us. However, only serving us in the capacity of rendering us the opening gate of change to cultivate. That is it, and only it. Beat the beast of your spirit GUTAH Buddies. It's a process and it's one that you will need to look for in order to even know your spirit's ridden with beasts. It's all good Royals, you got this. Just go ahead and get gutah with it! I'm with you.

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