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Get Up Today and Heal

I'm a 40-something, power-housing Life Coach that sees life through a lens of resilience, abundance, freedom, self preservation, truth, transparency and growth! Sounds good? Well, I haven't always viewed life in this way. 

See, it took many obstacles, hardships, child-hood and adult traumas, trials, loss, research and self recognition to discover that my life's story is divinely connected to my purpose. My life's path has led me to this space; here, providing this, for you! After I figured out that life is multifaceted; a plethora of synchronized situational moments, along with the realization of the beautiful peace that we are spirits having a human experience, I became free! I had to embrace the pangs of hurt, neglect, abuse and abandonment to say the least... but who hasn't, right?

After being hit so early in life with turmoil, struggle, loss and abuse, each fail or fall was seemingly everlasting. I became stagnate, I became a self-depreciating victim, I became almost hopeless. 

Gloriously, at the end of my tunnel, I didn't see the light, I felt it! That was the seed I needed... Each step from that point on was slow but residual, progressive and promising. However, that was draining! The long, depressing, slow movement of transformation into my greatness wasn't good enough! I was hungry to get up!!! So I didn't wait untill tomorrow, I got up today!

As life moves, we will need to be continuously cognizant! We will need to do inventory on our well being. It's not enough to sit and recognize traumas and wish we could be free. Our feet will have to move; everything about us will. Put your gearshift in "DRIVE." It's time to go "Gutah Buddies."

We're here to offer our excited cheers of assistance to you! Here, we provide you with a safe space to grieve, conquer, learn, grow and forward march. Get tips, techniques, courses/programs and connect with like-minded souls. This accompanies the astonishing value and inspiration laced within a community that shares in the challenging stiffness of life that sometimes has us stuck but we find that it doesn't define who and what we are. Willingly with servitude, we lace this space with YOU in mind. 

You are not alone! You just have to believe in your power and trust your journey's process. We're not waiting on tomorrow, right? I know you're not. Get "GUTAH" with it! GET UP TODAY AND HEAL!!

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Get With Us

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